Metlife Reduces Term Rates

Please note that Metlife has announced significantly reduced term rates effective Monday, August 11th, 2014.

The reductions were made in the following areas:

1.     10, 15 and 20 year durations.

2.     Issue ages 18-64.

3.     All non-smoker risk classes.

4.     $250,000 of death benefit and above.

5.     All 50 states and DC.


All other product features, components and benefits remain unchanged.   

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Reduced Rate Facts  


Our quote engines are now updated so please call us for updated spreadsheets.


Genworth Conversion product changes

Genworth announced that they are removing their GENGUARD GUL product for conversion purposes.  They will offer a current assumption product ( the Life Ready UL II ) for all future conversions.

September 2nd will be the last date to submit conversions using the Genguard GUL. Applications must be received by end of business day Sept 2nd. 

Submit any Genworth conversions you have as soon as possible.  

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ING introduces Orange Pass Non-Medical Underwriting for IUL Product

ING introduces "Orange Pass", a non-medical underwriting and fulfillment process for ING IUL-Protector applications.

  • No blood and urine*
  • No paramed*
  • Shorter Application

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* see ING sheet for more information

SBLI Summer Bonus Program

SBLI's cash for cases Bonus program.  You can earn $500 or MORE in cash- up to $1000 total per agent!

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North American Announces Lower Term Rates

Effective June 10, 2014, North Americanbrings ADDvantage Term Product (Generation 7) with improved term rates for 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term plans.

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Drop Ticket Required for Genworth Term App $250,000 and below

The Genworth Financial companies are committed to making term life insurance solutions more efficient.  Our industry-leading Life Quick Request (LQR) fulfillment platform makes sales simpler and results in better placement rates.  Using LQR technology is faster, much more efficient and ultimately reduces cycle time by up to 50% and increases placement rates by up to 8%.

In keeping with this strategy, effective April 7, 2014, Colony Term applications with face amounts of $250,000 or below that are eligible for Life Quick Request, must be submitted through LQR, iLQR through iPipeline, or Aplifi AFFIRM for Life to be Commissionable.

Please click here for the bulletin


Term Life Policy Fee Information

Small premium Term case? Make sure you get paid on the policy fee!

If you sell a carrier with a "non-commissionable policy fee, YOU TAKE A HUGE COMMISSION HIT.

 For your smaller Term cases consider these carriers.

American General Life- $249,999 and under face amount policy fee $74 is commissionable

ING- $199,999 and under face amount policy fee $68 is commissionable

Protective- No policy fee, entire premium (up to target) is commissionable


No Blood or Urine Companies

Assurity Life- Non Med 350 product has a $ 70 commissionable policy fee

Fidelity Life- $85 policy fee is commissionable


Banner Life UW change for Family HX. GREAT NEWS!!

As of August 6, 2012, the Legal & General America companies (Banner and William Penn) will no longer consider family cancer histories as an adverse underwriting factor that would prevent applicants from consideration for our preferred classes unless there are features of the family history that suggest a hereditary cancer syndrome may be present.

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