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New OPTerm rates effective August 10, 2015. All decreases.

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Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express Changes

Effective July 1, 2015, a new 10-year term will be added to the Term Life Express portfolio.

This new addition will round out the already robust simplified issue term portfolio and give you one more option for your client’s term life insurance needs. And similar to the existing Term Life Express products, the new term product can be converted into another simplified issue permanent policy.

The 10-year term product is available in all states except New York. It will only be available on the paper application on July 1, 2015, and will be added to the iGO e-app at a later date.

Also, don’t forget about the Term Life Express enhancements that were made on May 1, 2015:

  • Reducing the maximum face amount from $400,000 to:
    •  $300,000 for ages 18-50
    •  $250,000 for ages 51-65
  • Face amounts above $250,000 for ages 18-50 will continue to require a mandatory phone interview
  • Eliminating the oral fluid requirement across the board
  • Simplifying the application:
    •  The HIPAA/MIB form has been removed from the application packet and added to the application
    •  The HIV form has been eliminated, due to the oral fluid requirement being removed

Mutual of Omaha GUL Express Changes

Effective July 1, 2015, the maximum face amounts for Guaranteed Universal Life Express (GULE) will be raised to $300,000 for ages 18 to 50. The maximum of $250,000 will still be in place for ages 51-65.

GUL Express is a great option for your clients who are seeking guaranteed death benefit protection with a simplified application process.

Key features of GUL Express:

  • Issue ages from 18 to 65
  • No blood, urine or paramed exam
  • Secondary guaranteed no-lapse coverage
  • Ability to adjust the premium stream and the no-lapse guaranteed period
  • Popular features including the Guaranteed Insurability Rider and Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal and Chronic Illness Riders (may vary by state)

Underwriting Transition Rules:

Applications signed on or after July 1, 2015:

  • Face amounts above $250,000 – Mandatory phone interview
  • Face amounts $250,000 and below – No process changes

Applications signed prior to July 1, 2015:

  • No process changes

American National iPad Air 2 Contest

The iPad Air 2 contest is going on right now!

Qualify with as few as 9 life applications for American National using iGO E-Applications.

Why us iGO E- Application?
* Easy to Use
* Guarantees IN GOOD ORDER applications.
* Faster Turn-Around times.

Contest Runs 5/1/15 - 8/31/15.

Click Here for Contest Rules

Iphone or Android Mobile Quote Engine

Use the following instructions to get MOBILE quotes:


1. click on from your mobile phone
2. Once the quote engine is opened you can save an icon on your mobile device by clicking add to home screen.
3. Make sure you wait till the icon loads before you click the add button.
4. You are set to go. You can now click on the icon on your device whenever you need to use it.


1. Click on the link for mobile quote from your mobile phone
2. Once at the homepage, clicked menu on the bottom of android phone and selected 'Bookmark' for the site
3. Once have the site bookmarked is selected, another set of options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
4. The agent will want to click on the icon-this will bookmark the site.
5. It will ask the agent if they want to change the name of the bookmark to something more simple-it's defaulted to 'Mobile Quote - powered by iPipeline.
6. If they agent wants to keep the name like it is, then just select

'Ok' and they are finished.

7. To access the site next time they simply open their internet, go to bookmarks and select it from the list.

Mutual of Omaha Term Rate Changes

Mutual of Omaha has made changes to there term rates. Lower TERM rates for your clients.           

  • Age LAST birthday
  • Ages 40-60
  • Face amounts $250k, $500k, $1m
  • Preferred Plus, Preferred and Standard NT
  • E-Applications available
  • 10, 20 and 30 year terms available

Run quotes today for your clients. 

ANICO Insurance Company

Best Agency is now accepting applications for ANICO.

You can quote ANICO online and download their application today.

If you have any questions, please call your marketing representative today.

VOYA Applications

If you have any VOYA applications, before submitting please contact Luis at 561-241-4500.

Effective January 12, 2015, Best Agency will no longer accept VOYA applicatons.

Please direct all questions to Luis.

Drop Ticket Required for Genworth Term App $250,000 and below

The Genworth Financial companies are committed to making term life insurance solutions more efficient.  Our industry-leading Life Quick Request (LQR) fulfillment platform makes sales simpler and results in better placement rates.  Using LQR technology is faster, much more efficient and ultimately reduces cycle time by up to 50% and increases placement rates by up to 8%.

In keeping with this strategy, effective April 7, 2014, Colony Term applications with face amounts of $250,000 or below that are eligible for Life Quick Request, must be submitted through LQR, iLQR through iPipeline, or Aplifi AFFIRM for Life to be Commissionable.

Please click here for the bulletin


Term Life Policy Fee Information

Small premium Term case? Make sure you get paid on the policy fee!

If you sell a carrier with a "non-commissionable policy fee, YOU TAKE A HUGE COMMISSION HIT.

 For your smaller Term cases consider these carriers.

American General Life- $249,999 and under face amount policy fee $74 is commissionable

ING- $199,999 and under face amount policy fee $68 is commissionable

Protective- No policy fee, entire premium (up to target) is commissionable


No Blood or Urine Companies

Assurity Life- Non Med 350 product has a $ 70 commissionable policy fee

Fidelity Life- $85 policy fee is commissionable


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